Do You Know What Your Doctor is Talking About? PictureRx Launches Tool to Help Patients Understand Medication Information

April 28, 2010

PictureRx Provides a Safer, Simpler Way to Take Medicines

Chattanooga, TN - April 28, 2009 PictureRx today announced the launch of its picture-based tools to simplify medication information and prevent medical errors.

Half of Americans take medicines everyday, yet millions take them improperly leading to serious consequences including death. The Institute of Medicine highlighted the problem in its landmark report "To Err is Human."

"Non-adherence to prescription medication is an incredibly complex problem," says Dr.Sunil Kripalani, MD, MSc, Associate Professor of Medicine at Vanderbilit University and one of the founders of PictureRx. "However, recent research suggests that misunderstanding medicines is an important factor. Too often people don't understand their medicines and make a mistake."

Approximately 40% of the United States population has limited health literacy making it difficult to understand what a doctor tells them. The problem is especially important for people who take multiple medicines, are advanced in age, or who have limited English proficiency.

By providing a pictorial chart that explains what medicines a patient takes, what they're for, how to take and them and when, PictureRx provides a safer, simpler way to take medicines. Users can create PictureRx cards for themselves or a loved one through the company's website mypicturerx.com. In addition, PictureRx develops automated systems for use by pharmacies and doctor's offices. A one-year personal subscription is just $20.

"We worked with researchers at Emory University who received federal funding to test PictureRx," says Arun Mohan, MD, MBA, the company's President and Co-Founder. "The initial response was incredibly positive with 9 out 10 users saying PictureRx helped them remember important details about their medicines."

"We're using design and technology to solve an important and complicated problem," says Dr. Kripalani.

About PictureRx PictureRx develops innovative tools that simplify medication management. Our mission is to help patients and caregivers live safer and healthier lives. The company was founded by physician-researchers at Emory University, technologists and patients to help those with limited health literacy. The company is based in Chattanooga, TN and is privately held.

For more information about PictureRx visit www.mypictuerx.com

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