Simple Setup

Our cloud based software makes getting started easy. Entering patient information just takes a few minutes or we can integrate our software with most electronic health records and pharmacy management system.

Counseling Made Easy

PictureRx simplifies medication information and puts it in one place. Using pictures, simple instructions, and charts, we help patients make sense of their medications. Our research shows that providers using PictureRx can spend less time going over medications with better results.


PictureRx instructions can be printed in a patient's preferred language. Currently, Spanish and English are available, and we're working on adding other languages. In addition, the use of pictures facilitates understanding, even among patients who don't read English well.

Meet Regulatory Requirements

Having access to PictureRx can help healthcare facilities meet regulatory requirements for medication information that is sensitive to patients' level of health literacy and language preference.

Increased Patient Satisfaction

In study after study, patients prefer our illustrated medication instructions, increasing patinet loyalty and satisfaction. As a result, PictureRx can help your facility improve HCAHPS scores and reimbursement through Value-Based Purchasing.

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What customers are saying about PictureRx

Anne Monroe, MD, MSPH
Assistant Professor of Medicine Johns Hopkins University

"For our patients with complex medication regimens due to multiple chronic conditions, PictureRx provides them with an easy-to-understand guide to taking their medications properly. It can also help reduce medication errors when they visit another healthcare facility. Easy-to-use, patient-friendly tools like this one can help improve care and outcomes for our patients."

Phillip E. Johnston, PharmD
Professor and Dean College of Pharmacy Belmont University

"I've been impressed by PictureRx's ability to clearly and simply communicate even complex medication instructions. In addition to improving medication safety, the result is patients who are better engaged and more satisfied."