Although patients routinely rely on prescription drug labels for important medication information, numerous studies show that prescription drug labels suffer from poor design and readability, which limits their utility for the average consumer and which may contribute to medication errors. Understanding prescription drug labels is especially challenging for patients with low health literacy.

To help pharmacies deliver a comprehensive, turnkey solution that addresses health literacy, PictureRx has pioneered a easy-to-understand prescription drug label. The label was developed through funding from the National Institutes of Health. Our label incorporates the latest guidelines from the US Pharmacopeia and meets requirements of most state pharmacy boards. These include:

  • Use of plain language
  • Grouping of content important to patients (drug name, dose, indications, and directions for use)
  • Larger font size
  • Use of 4-time a day dosing schedule
  • Use of illustrations
  • Availability in multiple languages

In a study involving more than 400 patients, participants preferred the PictureRx Prescripton Drug Label to traditional drug labels. Moreover,

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