Why Use

Help A Loved One

Medicines can be vital to good health, but they can also be overwhelming. So if you have a loved one who is taking medications, PictureRx is here to help.

Easy to Understand Medicines
A picture is, in fact, worth a thousand words. 50% of patients do not take their medication as prescribed. Not understanding how and why to take the medications is a big factor. PictureRx is designed to help overcome that barrier. In just a few minutes you can build a PictureRx Card that uses pictures to explain what you are taking, how to take it, and why. In clinical trials patients felt the card helped them take control of their medications. We think you'll agree!

Don't Forget Refills
The more medications that are involved, the easier it is to forget to refill one. We'll send you a reminder when it's time to refill. And not just a few days before, but with plenty of advance notice.

Access to Medication Lists 24/7
Your days of toting a crumpled list of medications are over. You can now print out a wallet-sized PictureRx Card to carry. This means that doctors won't misread a list and make errors. And because the service is online, healthcare providers can help you update the list from anywhere at anytime.

So Your Loved Ones Can Stay Healthy and Informed
PictureRx helps you and your loved ones manage medications. You can browse medication information designed to be very easy to understand. With this important information, you can ask the right questions and make the best decisions.

Not Just for Adults
Research shows that parents often make mistakes when giving medications to children. These errors are dangerous. PictureRx can help keep medicines straight for children as well.

Reduce Risk: Manage Your Medications More Effectively

Here are some simple tips to manage your medications.

Stay Up To Date
Keep an updated list of your medicines with you at all times. You can use PictureRx to print out a wallet-sized card that's easy to carry. Review it with your doctor at every visit.

Do What Works for You
Find a system that works for you to help you integrate your medicines into your daily life. For example, keep a pill box on the breakfast table, or post your PictureRx card on the refrigerator.

Refill in Time
Set a reminder to refill your prescriptions ahead of time, so you don't run out. PictureRx helps you by sending email reminders.